from Old English, gōd spell "good news"
a writing that describes the life of Jesus

Monday, May 3, 2010

chapter, verse & song

matthew 3:5 | prepare ye
matthew 3:7-11 | you vipers' brood!
matthew 3:13-15 | do you come to me?
save the people
matthew 5:17 | do not suppose i have come to abolish the law
matthew 5:18-20 | so long as heaven and earth remain
luke 18:1-8 | there once was a judge who cared nothing for god nor man
luke 18:9-14 | two men went off to the temple to pray
matthew 5:21-25 | do not commit murder
matthew 18:21-35| there once was a king who decided to settle accounts
day by day
matthew 5:29-30 | if your right eye offends you
matthew 5:38-42 | an eye for an eye
luke 10:25-37 | a man was on his way from jerusalem to jericho
matthew 5:43-48 | love your enemies
matthew 6:1-4 be careful not to make a show of your religion
luke 16:19-31 there once was a rich man who dressed in purple and the finest linen
learn your lessons well
matthew 6:22-23 | the lamp of the body
learn your lessons well
matthew 6:22 | slave of two masters
luke 12:13-21 | there once was a rich man whose land yielded heavy crops
o bless the lord my soul
matthew 6:2 | put away anxious thoughts about food and clothes
matthew 6:28-34 | consider the lilies of the field
matthew 5:3-12 | blessed
all for the best
matthew 7:3-5 | the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye
all for the best
matthew 7:1-2 | judge not
matthew 13:1-23 | a sower went out to sow some seed
all good gifts
matthew 6:19 | so don't store up your treasures on earth
all good gifts
matthew 7:6 | don't give to dogs what is holy
luke 15:11-32 | once upon a time there was a man who had two sons
matthew 7:9-12 | is there a man among you who will offer his son a stone?
matthew 5:14-16 | light of the world

learn your lessons well
turn back o man
matthew 21:23-27 | by whose authority?
matthew 21:28-32 | my son, go and work in the vineyard today
matthew 22:16-21 | taxes to the Roman emperor?
matthew 22:36-40 | the greatest commandment?
matthew 23:1-10 | the doctors of the law and the pharisees
matthew 23:13-36 | alas for you
matthew 23:37 | o jerusalem!
matthew 24:4-8 | take care that no one misleads you
matthew 24: 37-44 | in noah's day
matthew 24:45-51 | who is the trusty servant?
john 8:1-11 | the woman caught in adultery
by my side
matthew 26:14-16 | what will you give me to betray him to you?
matthew 25:31-46 | sheep and goats
we beseech thee
matthew 26:20-29 | one of you among us will betray me
on the willows
matthew 26:36-38, 40-41 | gethsemane
matthew 26:33-34 | everyone else may fall away
matthew 26:39 | father, if it be not possible for this cup to pass me by
matthew 4:1-11 | temptation
matthew 26:50-56 | arrest
long live god

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